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Proxy and tunneling speeds
Speed is dependent upon many factors. The biggest factor in speed is often overlooked, that is the route the packets travel to get to and from (they could be different routes) the proxy server and you as well as the proxy server and your destination.

There is a potential for up to and including four different routes to be involved where a router anywhere in that route may be dropping packets, overloaded, down, or in some other way not operating at peak. Because of that it is impossible to say what any one person may see for speeds. The best we can do is explain a little about how we are set up and what seems to be average for users.

Obviously bandwidth costs much more than what we charge for an account. You can be fairly certain that we are not selling dedicated T3's at $5.95 a month. Bandwidth is shared. Our goal is to place as few users per setup as possible and still maintain the cost of supporting the service. So, because of that, the way our proxies are designed is that you'll get more speed out of socks plus, generally, than the other proxies. Which is obviously because we can put fewer users per setup and still cover our costs.

Users of the SSH Express and SSH within the Internet Shield package report an average of 1-2 MB/s speeds. Socks Plus is too early a service to tell, we just know that it is designed to be faster over the long run. Non-filtering web proxies should be similar. Filtering web proxies will always be slower due to the extra overhead of filtering.

Of course none of this may be what you see, there are so many variables to speed and many that are out of both your and our control, that it means that you really cannot tell until you try it. But no worries, if you do sign up and then find it doesn't work fast for you for whatever reason, we have a one month money back guarantee.

Please be advised that neither of these services is designed for continuous downloading at full speed. Besides the fact that your use affects everyone else as well (please be courteous), we cannot maintain adequate performance for everyone if a few are soaking up all bandwidth 24/7 downloading DVDs, running P2P supernodes, or in some other way eating up an inappropriate amount of the shared bandwidth. If you need something like that, contact helpdesk. If enough people are looking for the same thing, we will provide it, but high speed continuous downloading will have to be higher priced, probably around $20/mo.

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