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Web Interface Features and Options

Support: Web Interface: Webmail Features and Options

This file describes features and options you can access from within the webmail interface. For email options, see the email filters overview file and the email options file.

Getting Oriented to the Interface

The Options Menu in the Web Interface

When you first login to your account via the web interface, you will see a list of folders on your left, some links at the top of the page, and a list of messages (if any) in your inbox.

The links at the top of the interface and their functions are:

Compose - opens a compose box within the browser for you to compose a ew email. When you are done composing it, you can send it or save it to your Drafts folder.

Addresses - shows you your addressbook. At the bottom of that page is the form to import any .csv formatted addressbook to your webmail.

Folders - allows you to create, rename, or delete folders and subfolders and to create shortcuts to purging folders

Options - shows you the full menu of options (see right column for listing and information)

Search - this "find" function will search your webmail for any text or string

Help - some questions and answers about Squirrelmail

Calendar - shows you a calendar in month or day view

To Do - create your own To Do list to help you stay organized

WebProxy - surf the web with our CGI proxy

FTP Web Pages - an interface to upload or download files from your Cotse.Net user's web space

Reminder - have reminders for important occasions emailed to you with as much lead time as you want, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or conferences. You can also set up a reminder for your account renewal date and have it mailed to you in sufficient time to renew your account.

Notes - create notes to yourself

Newsgroups - read and post to usenet

Remailers - Mixmaster remailers for anonymous email or usenet posting

Bookmarks - create your own bookmarks folders

IRC - connect to our IRC ("chat") server or use this link to connect to other IRC servers

Fetch POP - retrieve mail from any of your (non-Cotse) POP3 email accounts once you have configured this feature with the "Simple Pop3 Fetch Mail" Option (see Options Menu, right column)

Support Information - takes you to the Support page of this web site

Cotse Notices - system notices such as scheduled maintenance or reports of known problems

Clicking on the "Options" link at the top of the web interface takes you to the following menu. Items with an asterisk (*) next to their names are described in the email options file.

Personal Information*

Message Highlighting - color highlight messages in your inbox based on information in the email header

Index Order - select your preference for how messages in your webmail folders are ordered

Translation Options*

Mail Filters*

Whitelist Senders*

SpamAssassin Spam Filtering*

Block Inline HTML*

Handle Attachments*

Goldlist Your Email Aliases*



Blacklist Senders*

Unsafe Image Rules*

SpellChecker Options*

NewMail Options*

Display Preferences - change the way your webmail looks and displays information to you, such as the color scheme, the language, the location of function links, and other settings

Folder Preferences - change the way your folders are displayed and manipulated in the webmail interface

SpamCop - Spam Reporting*

Archive Settings - allows you to save your webmail to your hard drive

Bayesian Spam Filtering*

Destination Whitelist*

Subject-Line Password Protection*

Kill/Expire Email Aliases*

Goldlist Senders*


Daily Rejected Message Digest - a daily statistical summary of your spam filters at work

Banned Vocabulary*

IP Blacklist*

Simple POP3 Fetch Mail - configure your webmail to retrieve POP3 email from non-Cotse accounts.

GPG Plugin Options*

Change Password - change your password (will apply be applied to your email, FTP, Proxy, and SMTP password)

Cancel Your Account - use this link to cancel your account.

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