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Viewing Message Headers

Support: Email: Viewing Headers

Viewing message headers may help you figure out what vocabulary or strings you may wish to add to "banned vocabulary" as part of your spam-fighting filters. Seeing what header SpamAssassin added can often give you useful clues.

At other times, viewing message headers may enable you to determine whether an email is legitimate mail or is likely to have a forged "From" line.

Here are some directions as to how to view full headers for some of the more popular email and usenet clients.


Forte Agent

Open the message.

Click the "blah blah" icon that appears above the inbox to see the raw message header.

To view full headers, from the Menu bar, click on "Messages," and then click "Show All Header Fields."

Microsoft Office Outlook. Outlook Express


Open the message.

In the View menu, click Options.

The headers appear in the Internet headers box.

For Outlook Express:

Right-click on the message, select "properties", select the "details tab", then click "message source".

To see full headers, you must first set your "options" to allow you to view full message headers:

Click "Options" and when the screen loads, scroll down down to "Preferences" and click "Preferences"

Find "Message Headers" under "Other Hotmail Options" and select "Advanced"

Click "OK" and return to your inbox.


Cotse Webmail

From Yahoo, it's basically the same as with Hotmail. Login to your account, go to "Options", select "Mail Preferences", go down and select "All" under the "Message Headers" Field.

To view your raw message headers when you are logged into the webmail, you must have the message open in your inbox. Then simply click the "View Full Headers" link above the message.


Other Mail Clients

In Netscape Messenger, click "View" then "Headers" and select "All". That's all there is to it. This will show the raw message header.

If your email client/provider isn't listed and/or you cannot find how to view your full message headers, please contact helpdesk at for assistance.

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