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Configuring Desktop Email Clients

Support : Email: Configuring Email Apps

We currently recommend Thunderbird. It is available for Windows, MAC, and *nix. It fits well with our services and features. It is robust and well supported. It is also open source and free of charge (we try to restrict our recommendations to open source software).

However, we are standards based and so any standards based mail client should work without issue with us. Apple Mail, Outlook, TheBat!, k9mail, Android mail, just about every mail app or client. Quite a varied multitude of mail clients are run by our users.

Below are settings you'll need if you choose to configure your own client as well as links to configuration instructions submitted by our users for other popular clients:

  • Incoming - - Available pop or imap
  • SMTP - - Available ports 25, 587, 465, or 2525
    • SMTP requires authentication (Password)
    • All services available TLS or SSL, make sure your client is set to use them this way.


Note: Due to spammers and other privacy avoidance caused by read receipts, we have disabled delivery receipts and we remove read receipts from incoming e-mail to stop read receipts for clients that just automatically send read receipts.

User contributed setup instructions for other e-mail clients:
If you would like to add to this list, or update something on this list, please send client configuration HOWTOs to helpdesk. We'll give you two free months for each.

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