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Your Email Addresses and Domain Names

Support: Email: Domain Names

You can use any alias or identity you want to send email via your Cotse.Net account, but to receive mail, your main address is (yourname)

This file explains how you can construct other valid email addresses to receive email.

Your Email Addresses Domain Names You Can Use

Your main address is linked to your account and cannot be changed, so we encourage you to protect it by not giving it out to anyone except those you really trust. For much of your email needs, you can create unlimited aliases of the form (alias)@(yourname), without the parentheses.

Anything addressed to *@(yourname) will be delivered to your account, subject to the filtering rules you set up.

For example, suppose you intend to do business with the John Doe Printing Company and need to give them a working email address. You could give them johndoe@(yourname) as the address. Any email they send to that address will be delivered to you (companies are often nonplussed when we give them back their own names as part of OUR email addresses, so prepare for a giggle).

You could then set up a filter that filters all email addressed to johndoe@(yourname) to be sorted to a John Doe folder that you create. Or if John Doe becomes a pain and you want no further contact, you could add the johndoe@( address to your "Kill Alias" list and have all further email to that address sent to Trash, deleted, or rejected, at your option.

In addition to using as your domain for your email address, we also offer you other domain names you can use for your email. Email sent to (yourname)@ these other domains will also be delivered to your account, subject to any filtering rules you set up.

By enabling any or all of the optional domain names (they are included free in your subscription), you can use addresses of the forms:



We offer over twenty valid domains for incoming mail for your account. Simply go to Options --> Domains to enable any or all of them.

If you have registered your own domain name, you can also and/or use your own domain for your email (there is no additional fee for your own domain(s) to be hosted with us; see web domain/MX hosting).

As a spam-fighting tool, you might want to reserve/use one of the available domains as a spamtrap domain, so that mail addressed to yourname@thatdomain or alias@yourname.thatdomain gets automatically sent to Trash, deleted, or rejected, at your option.

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